RackSolution Inc., an innovative solution provider, specializes in a variety of Industrial solutions. The company continues to grow and expand by introducing and providing Customer-Made Service.
With delivering quality solutions to our customers through our Customer-Made Service, we have successfully accomplished more than one hundred projects for a variety of markets.
You can rely on our experienced engineers to help you accelerate time-to-market and reduce project cost. We also provide flexible manufacturing capacity to fulfill your requirement.

The final market share of each product in a market is usually determined by the time at which each product achieves volume production. We can help customers focus on their core compentence. Customers can accelerate product time-to-market with flexibility, agility, and critical competitive advantages in today's marketplace.

We provide our services in a way which most efficiently utilizes personnel, and material resources. We focus on our customers' needs, providing open architecture and COTS solutions to reduce total cost.

Superior Manufacture Capabilities
With manufacturing locations in Asia, we can meet the demands of its high technology customers for low volume manufacturing, build-to-order, full system assembly and test. Consistent worldwide quality from product assembly to full system integration, test, and end-customer delivery is our commitment to global customers.

Manufacturing Service Scope

  • Metal sheet by Stamping / NCT / Laser-cut / Press-brake technical combination
  • Aluminum die-casting, extrusion
  • CNC / Machine center processing (milling, lathing, drilling ...)
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Surface treatment --- painting, plating, hair-lining, anodizing ...
  • Silkscreening, printing

Metal Sheet Parts & Chassis

Considering mechanical features is the most critical factor of industrial computer system manufacturing, RackSolution maintains mechanical design / manufacturing sites both in Taiwan and China, which are in close cooperation relationship & connected seamlessly for providing the world-class service to customers.

For customers' best advantage concern, it is usually cost-ineffective to build up toolings and molds for low volume request of production; beside, lead time consumed for sample making and modification often diminishes new product competitiveness. Therefore, RackSolution led in equipment of NCT (Numerical Controlled Turret), laser punch (cutting), bending machines (press brakes) ...etc, even applying simple tooling of stamping to further cost down for customers' benefit.

In general, we are able to provide first-article sample to customers within 2~4 weeks, relying on our multi-site manufacturing nets & production flexibility.

To sum up, (1) helping our customers to continuously cost-down (2) offering flexibility to win the best convenience for our clients, is always RackSolution's highest business principle.

Aluminum processing

Aluminum panel of industrial panel PC is one of RackSolution's major product, so we dedicate great efforts on this production. Not only Al. die-casting, CNC milling/ lathing is also available for supporting, or act as major production, to fulfill customers' low volume / short LT demand. RS's overall mechanical design with Aluminum panel can help customers to meet industrial demand of IP65 or even higher level standard.


> Metal Sheet Parts & Chassis

> Aluminum processing



















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