Established in 2000, Rack Solution is now a leading professional IPC OEMer/ ODMer. We can furnish you with outstanding performance products, competitive prices, quick response and 100% satisfaction. More over, our alliance with world-renowned partners keeps us on the cutting edge of rack mount arena.
Cost Advantage
With RackSolution's very economic business scale, our overhead cost is almost one-tenth to mid-size peers ; most of RackSolution's suppliers are tuned and refined to match our business model, knowledgeable to control their cost under a sound production plan given by RS. So all these cost savings reflects into our selling price, yes, customers like you are the most benefits taker.

SCM Advantage

From Design to Demand Fulfillment Turnkey Solution, RackSolution's BTO/CTO (Build-to-order/Configure-to-order) model with Supply Chain Management (SCM) system is intended to give customers prompt and satisfactory service. Take shipment for example, our SCM is matured enough to conduct drop shipment right from our suppliers' dock, to save customers' valuable time.
RackSolution has a systematic approach to evaluate supplier capability as well as manage supplier performance. We also assist customers in component sourcing to achieve competitive cost structure and faster time to market. Besides, RS continuously benchmarks the market, thoroughly inspecting and improving our prices, lead times, parts availability and technology trends to minimize the impact to our customers.

LVHM Experience Advantage

With years of experience, RackSolution tailors the approach to meet low volume, high mix (LVHM) production needs. We leverage resources to the most, minimize costs, and still maintain our customer-focus model --- RackSolution indeed knows how to run industrial / automation LVHM business.
We believe that customers are our most important and precious possession. That's why everyone in Rack Solution is always willing to listen to our customers' feedback and iron out their tough problems. For more information about Rack Solution, please contact us right away!
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